PMLORG300A Follow Established Work Plan

Unit Introduction

SimuLab Laboratories Pty. Ltd. is a small laboratory and as a Laboratory Technician, you will be asked to complete tasks individually or as part of a team. The tasks may involve established work routines and procedures with access to readily available guidelines and advice. Work plans may need to be modified with your supervisor's agreement, to suit changing conditions and priorities.


Getting started
To start this unit choose your first section by clicking on one of the above days. It is suggested that students complete Day One before attempting Day Two, and that both sections be completed before attempting the Assessment section.

Documentation used in this unit
All SOPs etc used in this unit are designed for training purposes only and should never be used in the workplace.

Mail tutor
Notify your tutor that you are starting this unit. Your tutor will give you advice on which sections you must complete online. Information on using electronic mail is available in the student guide.

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