You have now completed the knowledge content and activities for PMLTEAM300A Work Efficiently as Part of a Team. You may undertake the assessment if you are ready or review the material in this unit again.

To be recognised as competent in this unit you must be assessed in both the knowledge content and the workplace skills. The assessment is in two parts, part one is a scenario that asks you to apply the knowledge you have acquired in the unit and part two is a practical assessment.

Part 1. Knowledge Assessment

After working through the scenarios presented in this unit you now have a better understanding of different types of teams that form in the workplace and how they can operate efficiently to get the job done. The activities in this assessment will test your understanding of working in a team environment, completing allocated work and identifying and resolving work problems.

You will not receive any feedback when answering the assessment questions online in this section and you will need to communicate with your tutor about how this assessment will be completed. Your tutor may ask you to send a copy of your responses after reading all the relevant information, answering questions and completing the activities.

Step 1. Your experiences with teamwork

To answer the following questions, consider a team that you have been part of. If possible, use an example of a work place based team. If you cannot think of a work-based team, consider using an example of a team you have been involved with at school or on a voluntary or social basis. Answer the following questions by combining your previous experience with information presented in this unit.

Question 1

Describe the type of meetings conducted by the team you were part of and explain whether or not you think they were effective in terms of organisation and achieving set goals.

Question 2

If you believe the meetings described in question one were effective, list reasons why you think this was the case. If you believe the meetings were not properly managed or organised then explain how you think efficiency could have been improved.

Send this information to your tutor.

Step 2. Working as a team - multiple choice

Answer the following multiple-choice questions by selecting the correct responses.

Question 3

Question 4

Question 5

Step 3. Sample scenario

Study the following sample scenario provided below and complete the related task.

Scenario background
As a Laboratory Technician at SimuLab, you work closely with four other members of your laboratory work team. The other team members include two laboratory assistants and two Laboratory Technicians.

Due to a food poisoning scare in the local area there has been a large backlog of testing to complete and the whole laboratory team has been working late.

Last week a breakdown in procedure resulted in two tinned food samples being separated from a batch of ten that had been sent to your laboratory for testing. The error was noticed when the two samples were discovered on a bench.

Further investigation indicated that test results of the food samples were incomplete because they only included eight of the ten samples. The results have already been sent to the client.

Clearly there has been a breakdown in procedure and team members will need to get together to discuss what happened and how to prevent a similar problem arising in the future.

The Senior Technician calls a meeting of the laboratory work team. He wants to find out how the breakdown in procedure occurred and what can be done to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

Question 6

Before the meeting you need to:

(a) Write your own version of events to refer to in the meeting. This could be in point form to highlight factors leading to the cause of the problem and then some of your own ideas about how to prevent similar breakdowns in the future. It may useful to refer to refer to existing standard procedures such as:

  • SOP: Laboratory Test Sheet
  • SOP: Issue and Use of SL Numbers
  • SOP: Rectifying Errors in External Data
  • SOP: Rectifying Errors in Data

all found in the Methods Manual in the Senior Technician's office.

(b) Plan and write a sample agenda for the meeting that could be used to distribute to members of your work team. The sample agenda should include information about when, where and why the meeting is being called as well as a list of issues that need to be covered. Use the following form as a guide to writing your sample agenda.


Subject: Food Results Testing Error
Meeting Time:
Meeting Place:

Items to discuss:

Date and Time of Next Meeting:

Send this information to your tutor.

Part 2. Practical Assessment

Practical assessment requires you to demonstrate the competency on-the-job (or in a simulated laboratory).

The assessment will consist of:

  • a demonstration of the competency in an on-the-job situation or a simulation
  • questioning related to factors that may be peculiar to the learner's work environment
  • any relevant workplace documents that support the assessment.

If you are ready to undertake the practical assessment send a message to your tutor using the mail facility.

Use the following link to obtain a checklist to be used by your assessor.

Checklist: PMLTEAM300A Work Efficiently as Part of a Team

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