You have now completed the knowledge content and activities for PMLTEST303A Prepare Working Solutions. You may undertake the assessment if you are ready or review the material in this unit again.

To be recognised as competent in this unit you must be assessed in both the knowledge content and the workplace skills. The assessment is in two parts, part one is a written assessment of the knowledge you have acquired in the unit and part two is a practical assessment.

Part 1. Knowledge Assessment

The exercises in the following activity are designed to test your understanding of the previous four tasks. They are based on the information contained in this unit of competency.

Test your understanding of solutions by answering the following questions. Send the finished assessment to your tutor.

  1. What sort of safety precautions need to be taken when:
    • checking solutions?
    • preparing solutions?
    • storing solutions?

  2. What glassware (grade and type) is required when performing a titration?

  3. What guidelines should be followed when deciding whether or not to reject a solution?

  4. What is the purpose of a Laboratory Solutions Register, and what sort of information should be included in a Solution Register?

  5. Why do solutions need a label, and what information needs to be included in the label of a solution that has been made up in the laboratory?

Send this information to your tutor.

Part 2. Practical Assessment

Practical assessment requires you to demonstrate the competency on-the-job (or in a simulated laboratory).

The assessment will consist of:

  • a demonstration of the competency in an on-the-job situation or a simulation
  • oral questioning about such things as laboratory specific knowledge of processes, troubleshooting and
  • questioning related to specific safety or other factors that may be peculiar to the learner's work environment
  • any relevant workplace documents that support the assessment
  • If you are ready to undertake the practical assessment send a message to your tutor using the mail facility.

Use the following link to obtain a checklist to be used by your assessor.

Checklist: PMLTEST303A Prepare Working Solutions


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