You have now completed the knowledge content and activities for PMLTEST501A Perform Microbiological Tests. You may undertake the assessment if you are ready or review the material in this unit again.

To be recognised as competent in this unit you must be assessed in both the knowledge content and the workplace skills. The assessment is in two parts, part one is a written assessment of the knowledge you have acquired in the unit and part two is a practical assessment.

Part 1. Knowledge Assessment

The exercises in the following activity are designed to test your understanding of the previous five tasks. They are based on the information contained in this unit of competency.

You will not receive any feedback when you answer questions online, in the assessment section.
You need to communicate with your tutor about how you undertake this assessment. Your tutor may ask you to answer all the multiple choice questions and perform all the activities in this section and then send them a print-out of this completed page, along with answers to the assignment questions.

Test your understanding of microbiological tests by reading the following scenario and answering the questions. Send the finished assessment to your tutor.

A patient's urine sample and test request form have been brought to the laboratory for urgent testing. You prepare the work area and yourself for carrying out the required tests on this sample.

Question 1

Question 2
Examine the following Request for Testing Form that has come with the sample shown below. What errors or omissions can you identify? List these errors and describe what action you would take.

Assessment Sample
Request for Testing Form - Microbiology

Patient Name:

D.O.B: 5/04/1968
Address: 28 Smith St, Noname Town
Collection Date: 6/07/2004
Tests Requested: Identification of causative agent.
Clinical Notes: Pain on urination.
Doctor: Dr Paul
Sample Description:

Question 3

Question 4
Describe the steps in the Gram stain technique. List four possible results of this technique.

Question 5
Later you prepare a Gram stained slide of the sample and examine it under the light microscope. View the slide below.

Question 6
Use diagrams to show your understanding of the term 'streaking' an agar plate. Why is this an important technique to master? What does it allow a technician to do?

Question 7
Now that you have isolated the organism from the sample, you can proceed to identify it using biochemical tests. You might like to refer to the Flow Chart for Bacterial Identification by clicking on the link below

Forms: Flow Chart for Bacterial Identification

Question 8
Using the information provided in the Unit explain how you would carry out a Catalase Test. List the reagents and equipment you will need and outline the procedure in clear steps.

Question 9
If you were asked to count the number of microorganisms in the sample what techniques could you use if you didn't have a microscope, or other automated machine to do the counting? Outline the techniques you might use.

Question 10
After carrying out the appropriate biochemical tests you have identified the organism in the sample. What action do you take once you have completed the testing? Who do you tell? How do you record the information?

Question 11
Describe a method used to test the antibiotic sensitivity of a particular microorganism. Use diagrams to illustrate your answer.

Question 12

Send this information to your tutor.

Part 2. Practical Assessment

Practical assessment requires you to demonstrate the competency on-the-job (or in a simulated laboratory).

The assessment will consist of:

  • a demonstration of the competency in an on-the-job situation or a simulation
  • oral questioning about such things as laboratory specific knowledge of processes, troubleshooting and
  • questioning related to specific safety or other factors that may be peculiar to the learner's work environment
  • any relevant workplace documents that support the assessment.

If you are ready to undertake the practical assessment send a message to your tutor using the mail facility.

Use the following link to obtain a checklist to be used by your assessor.

Checklist: PMLTEST501A Perform Microbiological Tests

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