Counting Microorganisms and Testing Antibiotic Sensitivity

Section Introduction
You arrive at work the next day and the Laboratory Manager explains your tasks for the day. He asks you to carry out a 'Most Probable Number' test on sample SL2004/3 (water) and then ask Max, the Senior Technician about any further testing that might be required for that sample. Also, the microorganism that you have identified in sample SL2004/4 (food) needs to be tested for antibiotic sensitivity, as requested by the referring doctor on the Laboratory Test Request form in Section 1.

There are 4 tasks you will be undertaking in this section.

1. Most Probable Number Test
2. Pour Plate Counting
3. Using a Counting Chamber
4. Other counting methods
5. Antibiotic sensitivity testing.

Complete each task in order, following the steps and instructions.

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