It is important that testing laboratories maintain sufficient laboratory materials in stock to ensure there is no disruption or delay to the workflow of the laboratory. A stocktake schedule should be maintained, which will accurately monitor the use and availability of all chemicals, reagents and equipment needed by the laboratory.

The following link will give you some important content about regular stock checks.

GoTo Study Notes: Regular Stock Checks

As one of your duties as a Laboratory Technician at SimuLab, your Laboratory Supervisor asks you to do a monthly stocktake.

Use the link below to obtain the Monthly Stocktake sheet (which is given to you by the Laboratory Supervisor) and instructions for an assignment. Print this list as it contains the chemicals and materials that need to be checked.

Activity Activity: Assignment - Monthly Stocktake Sheet

The next 2 links will take you to the Storeroom and Chemical Store, to undertake your monthly stocktake.

Activity Activity: Stocktake - Storeroom

Activity: Stocktake - Chemical Store

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