Part 1.
Knowledge Assessment


Part 2.
Practical Assessment


You have now completed the knowledge content and activities for MAIN300 Maintain the Laboratory Fit for Purpose. You may undertake the assessment if you are ready or review the material in this unit again.

To be recognised as competent in this unit you must be assessed in both the knowledge content and the workplace skills. The assessment is in two parts, part one is a scenario that asks you to apply the knowledge you have acquired in the unit and part two is a practical assessment.

Part 1. Knowledge Assessment

To satisfy the critical aspects of competency for MAIN300 Maintain the Laboratory Fit for Purpose, you are required to complete the following assessment questions and submit these to your tutor.

  1. Why is routine cleaning of benches and equipment important in a laboratory?
  2. In which manual would you find Standard Operating Procedures for cleaning and disinfection?
  3. Where would you find information on any chemical used at SimuLab?
  4. What information will this document contain?
  5. If you observe that another trainee technician is not adhering to procedures for the safe handling of a chemical, to whom should you approach to inform of the possible dangers of their actions?
  6. According to the SOP for Cleaning and Storage of Glassware you should examine the glassware prior to cleaning. What would you be looking for?
  7. Personal hygiene is important in the laboratory. Explain why you should always wash your hands and remove your laboratory gown/coat before leaving the laboratory.
  8. Why is a SOP necessary for laboratory spills and to whom would you report to if a spill occurred?

Part 2. Practical Assessment

Practical assessment requires you to demonstrate the competency on-the-job (or in a simulated laboratory).

The assessment will consist of:

  • a demonstration of the competency in an on-the-job situation or a simulation
  • oral questioning about such things as laboratory specific knowledge of processes, troubleshooting and
  • questions relating to specific safety or other factors that may be peculiar to the learner's work environment
  • any relevant workplace documents that support the assessment

If you are ready to undertake the practical assessment send a message to your tutor using the mail facility.

Use the following link to obtain a checklist to be used by your assessor.

Personal Study Checklist: PMLMAIN300A Maintain the laboratory fit for purpose

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