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Step 8. Communication of Results

Laboratory Technician recording results. In the diagnostics laboratory the work is not done until the information is sent to the customer in a timely, accurate and easily understood form. Each laboratory will have developed its own forms for this function and at SimuLab we use the ‘Laboratory Test Sheet’.
This final function of testing is vital as it is how the customer judges your service. Any mistakes here and you may lose the customer. Laboratory Technician communicating with the customer.

Common mistakes include:

  • Incorrect customer details, for instance getting his or her name wrong!
  • Incorrect sample details, for instance calling the samples blood when the customer submitted urine!
  • Transposition of results, for instance mixing up the results!
  • Leaving necessary information off the form, for instance reference ranges to enable the customer to interpret the results!
  • Using wrong units, for instance reporting in IU (international units) when the customer requested ppm (parts per million)!
  • Forgetting to send out the results to the customer or sending them to the wrong customer or wrong address!

You have obtained the results of the lizard DNA analysis and your task now is to send this information to the customer and not make any of the mistakes listed above or any other ones for that matter!

Click on the following link to obtain a copy of the Laboratory Test Sheet.

form icon Laboratory Test Sheet

Fill in this test sheet with your results and send the finished sheet to your tutor.

   Where Am I ? >  Unit Introduction > Step 8