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Recognition of Current Competency (RCC)

What does RCC mean?
Recognition of Current Competency allows you to gain credit for skills and knowledge you already have. If you have already worked in the field and know some (or all) of the content of the unit, RCC is a way of gaining credit for this learning or experience and may reduce the amount of time spent studying.

RCC can also be used to give you credit for your life skills - skills and knowledge you have learnt at home or through clubs, hobbies and the like.

Obviously any current competency that RCC identifies must be relevant to the course of study and your skills and knowledge must be current to earn credit.

What do I need to support my RCC claim?
Some suggested types of evidence that can be assembled in support of a claim for RCC are given below. You do not need all of these for a successful claim.

Different students will have varying levels of current competency. Your assessor, tutor or workplace trainer will help you to decide what evidence you may need to support your particular claim.

Types of evidence

Certificates or qualifications
If you have gained qualifications or have recently completed relevant coursework with another training provider or within your own organisation, you can gain recognition provided that the course content can be verified.

The amount of recognition depends on your ability to provide substantiating documentation, which may include some of the following:

  • a certificate or statement of assessment
  • transcript of results
  • course content outline
  • course notes/syllabus
  • samples of course work.

Testimonial or reference from your employer/workplace supervisor
A statement from your employer or supervisor containing their assessment of your skills against the unit requirements. A statement can be provided from previous employers/ supervisors as well.

Examples of your work
Collect samples of your work or workplace documents which demonstrate your current competency.

Interview with the assessor
Arrange an interview with your assessor to answer questions to demonstrate that you are competent.

Demonstration of the required skills
Arrange to demonstrate work skills that support your current competency.

Experiences in the industry
Provide evidence of experience in the industry that supports your current competency.

How do I apply?

  1. Print out a copy of the RCC Form for the unit and refer to it when you contact/meet with your assessor, tutor or workplace trainer.

  2. Your assessor, tutor or workplace trainer will assist with deciding which parts of the unit you are most likely to be successful in gaining recognition. You will be advised of the types of evidence that may be required.

  3. Identify which types of evidence you are able supply to support your claim.

  4. Collect copies of supporting documents and a declaration of their authenticity.

  5. Number each document with the element it supports. One document can be referred to on as many occasions as are relevant. Add the relevant element number to the document each time.

  6. Once you have collected all the evidence check that your part of the RCC Form is filled in and forward the paperwork to your assessor, tutor or workplace trainer. You may need to meet to answer questions to demonstrate that you are competent or demonstrate work skills that support your current competency.

Right of appeal
In the event that an RCC claim is unsuccessful or partially successful, you have the right to appeal the decision. Details of how to appeal are available from your assessor, tutor or workplace trainer.

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