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Methods Manual

All SOPs used in this manual are designed for training purposes only and should never be used in the workplace.

Appendix - Beer Off-flavour Standard Chromatogram

Appendix - Beer Standard Chromatogram

Appendix - Slick Hip Standard Chromatogram

MTH 01  SOP: Issue and Use of SL Numbers

MTH 02  SOP: Chain of Custody Requirements

MTH 20  SOP: Sample Preservation & Storage for Testing - Effluent

MTH 21  SOP: Sample Requirements for Testing - Effluent

MTH 25  SOP: Sampling Plan - Reservoir Water

MTH 26  SOP: Pre-treatment of Food Samples

MTH 32  SOP: Most Probable Number

MTH 40  SOP: Preparing a Wet Mount Slide

MTH 41  SOP: Care of an Optical Microscope

MTH 42  SOP: Blood Smears - Thin

MTH 47  SOP: Care and Maintenance of the Spectrophotometer

MTH 48  SOP: Set-up and Pre-use Checks of the Microscope

MTH 50  SOP: Changing a Microscope Bulb or Fuse

MTH 51  SOP: Counting Chamber - Haemocytometer

MTH 59  SOP: Counting Bacterial Colonies - Pour Plate Method

MTH 65  SOP: Care and Maintenance of the Analytical Balance

MTH 66  SOP: pH Measurement

MTH 67  SOP: Spectrophotometer - Bacterial Suspension and Browning Enzyme Analysis

MTH 68  SOP: HPLC - Pesticide Analysis

MTH 91  SOP: Preparation of a 0.1 Molar Sodium Hydroxide Solution

MTH 93  SOP: Determination of Acetic Acid Concentration in Vinegar

MTH 94  SOP: Determination of Nitrate in Water using the UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

MTH 99  SOP: Determination of Moisture Content of Sand

MTH 101  SOP: Determination of Particle Size Distribution of Sand

MTH 102  SOP: HPLC - Slick Hip Analysis

MTH 103  SOP: GC - Beer Analysis

MTH 104  SOP: Selecting Reagents and Materials

MTH  105 SOP: Purchasing and Ordering Reagents and Materials

MTH 106  SOP: Assessment of Suppliers

MTH 107  SOP: Checking of Deliveries


MTH 109  SOP: Extraction/Purification of DNA from Lizard Skin

MTH 110 SOP: DNA Quantitation

MTH 111 SOP: Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

MTH 112 SOP: Maintenance Schedules

MTH 113 SOP: Becksley 5060 LSC


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