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Study Notes: Customer Service Systems

Have you ever:

  • filled out a customer satisfaction form?
  • contacted a company using their toll free number that was written on the package of a product?
  • received customer service training in any previous work experience?
  • used a suggestion box to provide feedback about how a company could improve their service?
  • looked up the product support page on the Internet?

The above procedures are aspects of company customer service systems that aim to maintain good relations with customers and elicit their feedback. Customer feedback (either positive or negative) is valuable information that allows a company to determine what their customers may need and how they can best provide quality service to them. For example, the recording and tracking of complaints will provide statistical information that can be examined for trends about overall customer satisfaction.

In a laboratory recording the requests and responses from customers and making sure that they are kept in an appropriate place, is an important part of maintaining and improving the service provided to customers. A uniform and centralised approach maintains consistency in customer relations and the accuracy of messages when dealing with customers and can also provide information about how systems can be improved.

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