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Study Notes: Maintenance Records

Maintenance records are an integral part of the management system for a laboratory. They provide an historical record of the following activities associated with the use of a particular piece of equipment.

  • Routine maintenance including whether that maintenance was carried out in a timely and regular manner.
  • Non-routine maintenance e.g. minor breakdowns or globes/fuses blowing.
  • Technical maintenance carried out by an outside agency such as a major service.
  • Major breakdowns and repairs.
  • Warranty-associated activities.
  • Replacement of major components.
  • Data for use in evaluating the reliability and running cost of the equipment.
  • Data for use in quality audits such as accreditation or registration by outside agencies.

At a minimum, maintenance records must contain the following information.

  • Details of the piece of equipment including:
    • name of equipment
    • model and serial number
    • date put into service.
  • Dates of all maintenance carried out.
  • Name of person performing the maintenance function.
  • A comments column.

Maintenance records should be kept for at least the life of the equipment and usually for a number of years after that in case details of the testing performed by the equipment need to be verified in the future.

Staff should be trained in the value and correct use of maintenance records and there should be clear enterprise guidelines of who is authorised to perform such maintenance and who is authorised to fill in the maintenance records.

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