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Study Notes: The SimuLab Database

There are various databases used in the workplace and in laboratories. They are used to control stock inventories and to file safety information about each chemical.

The following information is included in the SimuLab database:

  1. Material name
  2. Chemical formula
  3. Hazard class
  4. Where the chemical is stored
  5. Quantity on order
  6. Current inventory levels (useful as an aid to staying within ‘minor storage limits’)
  7. Stock level at which an order should be placed
  8. Maximum inventory levels
  9. Link to Supplier details:
    • name
    • address
    • contact
    • telephone
    • fax
    • email
    • Link to MSDS
  10. Link to MSDS

The database has the capability to print the following.

  • A manifest (current inventory) on a room-by-room basis. In case of fire the manifest will assist firefighters to choose appropriate firefighting methods.
  • A custom label for a particular item.

The following navigation features are built into the database.

  • You can navigate to a particular room (Biological and Analytical Laboratory) and add, delete or modify the items in the inventory.
  • You can view and edit a single list of items which may be associated with any room.
  • From the chemical index you can view MSDSs for chemicals in the chemical data dictionary.
  • There is a summary page for each chemical which incorporates:
    • hazard diamonds, Hazchem code
    • storage requirements
    • all other information from 1-10 listed above.
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