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SimuLab Reception

The hub of SimuLab is the reception area. Kylie works in reception. By moving the mouse over Kylie, she greets you. She says:

"Hello, welcome to Simulab Laboratories! If you wish to visit one of the staff, see the Resources and Training Room, have a look around the labs or better understand the community we work in, simply click on a door with your mouse."

Jason is a customer waiting in reception. By moving the mouse over Jason, he explains why he at SimuLab. He says:

"I work for ROB Canneries, a customer of SimuLab. I am waiting to talk to the Senior Technician about the testing requirements for a new baby food product we are about to start producing."

You can access the offices of the Laboratory Supervisor, Senior Technician and the Quality Officer through here.

Laboratory Supervisor

Senior Technician

Quality Officer

SimuLab has two laboratories.

Analytical Laboratory

Biological Laboratory

The Resources and Training Room holds resources like manuals, notes, reference, computers for research and training.

Resources and Training Room

Specimens and samples in need of testing are submitted by customers at the Specimen and Sample Drop off area.

Specimen and Sample Drop off

Field work for SimuLab is mostly conducted in the industrial area where SimuTown is situated.

Field work





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