Page icon PMLCOM500A Provide Information to Customers

Page icon Section 1. Responding to Customer Requests

Task 1. Providing effective customer service

Page icon  Step 1. Who are your customers?
Page icon  Step 2. Maintaining good customer relations

Task 2. Assessing and responding to requests

Page icon Step 1. Verbal communication
Page icon Step 2. Customer complaints
Page icon Step 3. Written communication

Task 3. Providing information and advice to external customers

Page icon Step 1. Request for extra tests
Page icon Step 2. Gather information
Page icon Step 3. Provide a response

Task 4. Maintaining and improving customer service systems

Page icon Step 1. Customer service systems
Page icon Step 2. Access a request for information
Page icon Step 3. Prepare response
Page icon Step 4. Record details of the request and response

Page icon Final Assessment

The following link enables you to view all activities in this unit.

Page icon Activities