Page icon PMLMAIN500A Maintain and Control Stocks

Page icon Section 1. Maintain and Control Stocks

Task 1. Maintain stock records

Page icon  Step 1. Safety requirements
Page icon  Step 2. Stock control requirements
Page icon  Step 3. Record keeping systems
Page icon  Step 4. Integrity of laboratory records
Page icon  Step 5. SimuLab procedures

Task 2. Maintain and control stocks of materials or equipment

Page icon Step 1. Label, document and store stocks
Page icon Step 2. Follow stock rotation procedures
Page icon Step 3. Identify stock discrepancies
Page icon Step 4. Identify and replace damaged or worn equipment
Page icon Step 5. Initiate QC sampling and testing procedures
Page icon Step 6. Report stock control problems

Task 3. Order and receive material and equipment

Page icon Step 1. Inventory control
Page icon Step 2. Determine requirements of customers and suppliers
Page icon Step 3. Determine demand for stock
Page icon Step 4. Place orders using enterprise systems and procedures
Page icon Step 5. Follow up orders using enterprise systems and procedures
Page icon Step 6. Check condition of received goods

Page icon Final Assessment

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