PMLORG500A Schedule Laboratory Work for a Small Team

Unit Introduction

SimuLab Laboratories is a small testing laboratory which is aiming to become a quality certified laboratory so it follows, where appropriate, Australian Standards and internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). SimuLab has a Total Quality Management system in place. Normal working hours are from 8.00am to 4.00pm with the option of overtime with an employee’s agreement.

In your role as a laboratory technician at SimuLab, you will be required to schedule the laboratory work for a small team to meet operational requirements. As a result, you will need to identify resource requirements and then document, monitor and adjust schedules in response to operational variations and in consultation with relevant personnel.


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Biotechnology in Action
If you would like to learn more about biotechnology in the laboratory click on the link below to access the biotechnology unit. This unit provides a brief introduction to some concepts of biotechnology and shows the application of the material covered in the units through the use of a scenario.

Biotechnology in Action

Documentation used in this unit
All SOPs etc. used in this unit are designed for training purposes only and should never be used in the workplace.

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Recognition of Current Competency (RCC)
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