Liquid Scintillation Counter

Section Introduction
As a Laboratory Technician at SimuLab Laboratories you must be able to use a range of different equipment, including the Liquid Scintillation Counter (LSC). In this section you will use a liquid scintillation counter to enhance your competency in the calibration and maintenance of laboratory instruments.

There are two tasks you will undertake in this section.

1. Perform set-up and calibration checks and use the liquid scintillation counter
2. Maintenance and troubleshooting

Complete each task in order, following the steps and instructions.

Disclaimer: This section introduces the trainee to the topic of radioactivity. An understanding of some of the very basic aspects of radioactivity is required prior to commencing the liquid scintillation activities but this unit does not purport to be a training module on radioactivity. None of the Study Notes, SOPs or documents in this section should be relied upon or used in a real laboratory situation, especially when working with radioactivity.

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