PMLTEST506A Apply Spectrometric Techniques

Unit Introduction

SimuLab Laboratories Pty. Ltd. is a small laboratory and as a Laboratory Technician your responsibilities include the use of sophisticated spectrometric equipment to perform analytical tests. In the following sections you will concentrate on the principles of operation and testing related to an ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) spectrophotometer and an atomic absorption (AAS) spectrometer.

You will also gain exposure to other spectrometric instruments, specifically the mass spectrometer (MS), infra-red (IR) spectrophotometer and the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer.

Your responsibilities extend from preparation to performing the work through to communicating results to the client.

Note that the word ‘spectroscopy’ is commonly used to describe the family of spectrometric techniques. You will find that spectroscopy and its adjective – spectroscopic - will be used frequently in this unit of study.

Link: Prepare for Analytical Procedures Link: Spectroscopic Concepts Link: UV-Vis Spectroscopy - Principles and Analysis Link: Atomic Absorption Spectrometry - Principles and Analysis Link: Structural Elucidation Using IR, NMR and MS Techniques Link: Final Assessment Link: Final Assessment

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Biotechnology in Action
If you would like to learn more about biotechnology in the laboratory click on the link below to access the biotechnology unit. This unit provides a brief introduction to some concepts of biotechnology and shows the application of the material covered in the units through the use of a scenario.

Biotechnology in Action

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