Welcome to the Laboratory Management Toolbox.

This Toolbox contains resources to help you achieve some of the competencies required to meet the Advanced Diploma of Laboratory Operations.

There are nine (9) competencies available in this Toolbox as follows:

Documentation* PML COM 600A Develop and maintain laboratory documentation
Risk Management* PML OHS 600A Implement and monitor risk management processes associated with OHS and environmental policies and procedures
Registration* PML ORG 601A Maintain registration and statutory or legal compliance in work/functional area
Quality Systems* PML QUAL 600A Maintain quality system and continuous improvement processes within work/functional area
Internal Audits* PML QUAL 601A Conduct an internal audit of the quality system
Test Methods PML TEST 600A Select appropriate test methods and procedures
Applications PML TEST 700A Contribute to the development of products and applications
Validation PML TEST 702A Contribute to the validation of test methods
Procedures PML TEST 703A Develop or adapt analyses and procedures

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Further information on the Advanced Diploma of Laboratory Operations lists other core competencies and elective units of competency required.

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